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I am 39 and at 38 years old was diagnosed with colon cancer. My colon cancer is very different than normal colon cancers because of my age, the size and it's length, so says the Oncologist. Also by the fact that it did not spread to my lymph nodes, which based on the size (over 10cm) it should have they told me. I had 33 lymph nodes removed and all were clear!

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July 17, 2010

Lafayette, Louisiana

November 29, 1971

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Colon and Rectal Cancer

Adenocarcinoma 2B

June 30, 2010

Stage 2

over 6.1

Grade 3



I'd like to make some cookies in the shape of a cancer ribbon and sell, so I can raise money to pay off my own cancer debt...

ZERO, but if you want to help, feel free to!

I hate EVERYTHING about cancer. Most of all my emotional upheaval I think.

That cancer unites so many people. That I need to pray more. That I am still learning.

Spend time with me.

Love, love, love the non-narcotic Toridal for pain!

Vaginal wall

An electric can-opener! I really only have an old time can opener and it hurts my hands.

Cancer Center of Acadiana

Listen to your doctors and nurses because if they are worth their weight, they will tell you eveything you need to know and they will tell you to call them anytime with any questions or concerns. They will tell you that you do not have to suffer! Also, if your insurance company has a plan like mine for cancer patients, sign up for it. I have a nurse, or nurses that call and check on me regularly, and offer me advice about how to handle medications, what to eat to help the process, or what not to do. Often, THOSE oncology nurses have called me before my scheduled appointments so I'm well informed.

I wish I could help here, but I am struggling with this area. Cancer brings on so many struggle all at once. Not only are you battling the cancer, the chemo an dthen you've got emotional/mental issues. This one is tough. Just try to have fun when you can, love your children and spouse first, or family first. Play with them when you can.

January 19, 2011

My symptoms increased over a 6 mo. period I think. At first, from what I can recall, I started having bowel movements that were painful, including vomitting. I was tired all the time. As time progressed, my stools were pencil thin, and I would pass black blood clots at times. Near the diagnosis, my stools were watery daily, often bloody and painful with increasing vomitting. My stomach often felt like Pop Rocks were in it, just girgly feeling after I would eat, which led to loss of appetite. Currently, post surgery: tiredness, stabs of pain from nowhere, that were there BEFORE the surgery, achiness, loss of appetite, tired above all, no energy.

No radiation, not worth the risks of making damage from surgery worse.

I'd like to feel better and raise some money for myself so I can afford to pay my cancer debt off. Baking is fun, so I'd bake cookies or a cake in the shape of a colon! But I need to get the strength.


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